Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Should you trust your wedding photo booth to just anyone or the cheapest guy in town? We think not! Put your trust in us. We want the happiest day of your life to BE the happiest day of your life. Our wedding photo booth will give you and your guests a memory that will last a lifetime.

What makes our Wedding Photo Booth so special?

To start off we only use DSLR cameras in our photo booths. Quality results start with a quality photo! To get a quality photo you also need to be having fun, drugs so we bring basic props but can also customize a prop package to match a theme, ampoule color scheme or anything else. From there our state of the art photo booth software will process those photos and place them into a strip of your choice or design. If one of our basic strips do not fit with your theme or what you want we can create a one of a kind strip just for you. Finally it comes down to the print. We only use professional, viagra photo lab quality dye-sub printers. The prints are topped off with a protective coating to fight the damaging UV rays as well as an accidental spill. This insures that the prints will last for in excess of 50 years. Our wedding photo booths can also do slide shows as well as social media kiosks where your guests can email or post their photos to Facebook or Twitter. When you choose the social media kiosk option, your guest can also place their photos or strips in a digital guest book (there is a short video on the kiosk at the bottom of the page). The digital guest book can also be printed and bound. At the end of the night we will leave you a flash drive which contains all of the photos and prints in digital form. There are other options as well. Be sure you look at them when you fill out your Quote Request.

Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth Digital Guestbook

Here is a short video demonstrating our kiosk option.